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New Video Shows DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design

A new video, Journey Inside The Cell, launched today a dramatically illustrates the evidence for intelligent design within DNA, as described in Stephen C. Meyer's book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne 2009).

The original animation by Light Productions reveals in intricate detail how the digital information in DNA directs protein synthesis inside the cell, revealing a world of molecular machines and nano-processors communicating digital information.

"This video is going to make things worse for critics of intelligent design," Dr. Meyer explains. "They will have more difficulty convincing the public that their eyes are deceiving them when the evidence for design literally unfolds before them in this animation."

Narrated by Meyer, the video is a short tour of the molecular labyrinth, the cell's sophisticated information-processing system, which not only produces machines, but also reproduces itself.

You can view the video at www.intelligetndesign.org, or on Youtube. For copyright permissions, contact cscinfo@discovery.org.


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