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Signatures of Minds

Over at Telicthoughts.com the discussion of Signature in the Cell continues with an interesting post from "Bradford."

Meyer is not rehashing Paley. He is not simply citing complex technology and claiming that an analogy to cellular complexity allows for a design inference. He is citing a particular feature common to both computers and cells and noting that information is essential to life in that it enables replication with a capacity to adapt. But unlike the interacting pieces of Paley's watch, information need not be presumed to be mechanistic in nature. Indeed information is abstract. It exists as a conceptual idealization before it is expressed physically. That's consistent with the computer analog. It's consistent with the coding you are deciphering on your computer screen as you read this post. I conceptualize the thoughts first and express them via a preordered encoding convention. The actions are intrinsically those of intelligent design. Thoughts directing muscles to intelligibly arrange symbols according to code. One could argue that this is precisely what occurs when codes are encountered. Abstract information is symbolically mapped according to convention to convey specified conceptualizations.
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